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    low price centering plate for EROWA good quality--Chinese manufacturer CPWS

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    China Precision Workholding System Inc (CPWS)





    EROWA ITS System carriers ITS centering plates

    The centering plates are the most cost‑effective base for clamping electrodes. They are mounted directly onto the blanks. This way, jigs and fixtures are also ITS compatible. The hole pattern for mounting is simply drilled into the blank with a drilling template, or by means of an NC program.


    Technical data ITS centering plates Material corrosion-resistant System accuracy in chuck 0.002 mm Versions: Centering plate 50 small electrode weights Centering plate 100 M8 workpieces and electrodes Centering plate G workpieces, jigs and fixtures for chip-removal machining Handling with EROWA Handlingsystems or electrode changer.


    ER‑009214 Centering plate 50 50 pieces ER‑036751 Centering plate 50 Set of 5 units Version Corrosion-resistant, including 4 supporting feet each. Application Small electrode weights. Mounting Mounted directly on plane surface of blank. ER‑011599 Centering plate 100 M8 10 pieces ER‑050195 Centering plate 100 M8 1 unit Version Corrosion-resistant, including 4 supporting feet M8 and 4 x M5 screws per plate. Application Workpieces and electrodes. Mounting Mounted directly on of blank plane surface of blank. ER‑036658 Centering plate G Inox 5 pieces ER‑036657 Centering plate G Inox 1 unit Version Ground, including 8 supporting feet M8. Application For workpieces, jigs and fixtures in chip-removal machining. Fixation of blank According to accompanying fitting instructions.