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    CPWS brand--Precision Workholding for tool and die making,EDM,wireEDM tooling

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    Tool and Die Making or Production?

    EROWA workholding systems very versatile and may be used for various applications. Pallet sizes,  retaining force and positionning accuracy are features to consider.


    Toolingsystems for EDM

    • Making Electrodes
    • Workpiese fixturing
    • Measuring components
    • Holding workpieces
    • Single part holding on individual pallets
    • Multiple palettizing in frames
    • Holding workpieces
    • Vises
    • Self centering vises
    • Special pallets



    CPWS-China Precision Workholding System Inc, supplier of precision workholding fixtures chuck vise electrode holder for EDM,wire EDM,CNC,wildly used by tool die makers, CPWS is compatible with EROWA,system 3R ,at lower economic cost, good precision, fast shipping, www.workholdingtool.com,www.erowa-system3r-edm.com