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    Pricelist comparation CPWS® Compatible System3R EDM tooling EROWA EDM fixtures

    2018-5-23      View:

    System3R priceList, too much higher than CPWS,

    in the system3R pricelist 2009, a short manual drawbar of item code 3R-605.1E, price is 815USD/10pcs/set

    that is 81.5USD/pc for a manual short drawbar,

    however, CPWS produce a compatible good quality drawbar at price 13USD to 16USD/pc, depends on customer's order quantity,

    if customer can buy big quantity, CPWS offer big discount, price will be much cheaper

    China Precision Workholding System Inc (CPWS)

    manufacturer of compatible system3R,EROWA EDM tooling fixture,

    cheap but good quality,

    export to all over the world for many years,

    fast shipping,good service,