CPWS®-system 3R realtime camera detector 50 times




CPWS®-system 3R realtime camera detector 50 times


This product is an integrated design of aluminum alloy, using 7-inch display screen and 1080p high-definition lens. The magnification can reach 50 times, the display is clearer, and the visual accuracy is ±0.003mm. Cross line can be rotated manually, with its own infrared function, convenient to find a reference center. The measuring angle of the product is based on the angle of 15′. The focal distance is 50 m ~ 60 mm. This product has four optional interfaces: EROWA interface, 3R interface, multifunctional interface and magnet interface.

CPWS®-EROWA realtime camera detector 50 times




CPWS workholding

China Precision Workholding System Inc   (CPWS)

CPWS was established in 2008 in China,specialized in designing and manufacturing of Precision Workholding

Fixtures,clamping tools for EDM,wireEDM,CNC milling,grinding machines. CPWS is 100% compatible with EROWA and

3R, Our Products include precision EDM electrode holders, ITS accessories like centering plates, chucking spigots, ITS

chucks, ITS measuring tools,sensor,guaging pin, 3R holders, pallets,drawbars,power chucks,zeropoint system,ER collet

chuck,guide bush, wireEDM fixtures and vise. Our Manufacturing base in GuangDong, has offices in

GuangZhou,ShenZhen, JiangSu, HongKong, and has exported for 10 years to Southest Asia, Europe, South Korea,

Russia, USA, Canada,Mexico, Brazil, Australia. CPWS is also agent for other tooling makers in China,help other local

tool makers to sale and export, and CPWS also offers one-stop sourcing service for overseas importer, such as

logistics, warehousing, contract, Interpretation, to reduce overseas customers import cost. CPWS also accept OEM

work, customer can  send us a drawing if the order quantity is reasonable to make a production.


CPWS always pursues to produce high quality products at the lowest price,fast delivery,best service.

We are looking forward to your kind cooperation, and we would highly appreciate any feedback regarding our products quality,service.




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