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            How to See Hidden Web Prices aside Items


We have prices on our website cart system, but had hidden it for secret protection.  only Registered customer can see prices after Login.  Please contact us, so we can register an account for you.

Step 1)— Please  Click Here to Register  , we will creat your account and email you the account name and password in 24 hours

Step 2)— prices will automaticly show on website after you login.  please refresh the product page.

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Note :  1)  For potential First-time customers,  your account can access our prices 7 days since the day of registration, Please check item prices and decide which items you wish to order within 7 days.    you can contact us to extend for more days of Price-access if we are in negotiation of a potential order.     Normally, after 7 days of registration and we are still not in negotiation for a potential order, your Price-access will be locked for secret protection.      To see prices again please contact us to unlock your access and we will extend it for more days.

.         2) For Second-time and Repeat customers , your account can see our prices all the time.

.         3) website prices are for reference only,as we might not update website prices everyday,  final prices are subject to our final official Quotation or Invoice.